“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Sir Winston Churchill, Former British Prime Minister


Meet Gabriel Moore, a dynamic force in the world of business coaching with a story that resonates beyond the boardroom. Gabriel's journey began on the rooftops, where he honed his skills as a roofer before seamlessly transitioning into construction management at a remarkably young age. It was here that he first encountered the intricate dance of small business management, immersing himself in the nuances of pricing, markup, margins, team development, and project management. 

This led to a breakout from employment to business ownership when he started his own construction company. Driven by a passion for diverse entrepreneurship, Gabriel expanded his horizons by simultaneously owning and operating not one, but two additional companies. While successful, these ventures left him unfulfilled, prompting a quest for purpose that would redefine his trajectory. 

A journey of 1,000 steps… 

In 2015, Gabriel embarked on a journey of transformative listening and reading in personal and professional development. This odyssey exposed him to new perspectives, infusing his life with a renewed sense of focus, gratitude and compassion. By 2018, armed with a reinvigorated value system, Gabriel decided to recalibrate the balance between his work and personal life. He rebranded his construction company with a profound vision: "We Build People." 

His dedication to personal development extended beyond the planning table, as Gabriel initiated training programs that focused not only on skill development but also on nurturing the personal growth of his team. The impact was profound, and it became evident that Gabriel was making a difference in the lives of those around him. 

However, a tragic event in December 2019 shook Gabriel and his family to their core. A car accident involving his three sons, Jayden (20), and identical twins Noah (17) and Elijah (17), cast a dark shadow over his world. His son Elijah suffered some broken bones while Jayden fought for his life in a coma. His son Noah, tragically lost his life. This devastating event, though unimaginable, showcased Gabriel's resilience and immediate turn to gratitude, becoming a pillar of strength for his family. 

What happened next was unexpected. Surrounded by love and support, Gabriel experienced the strength of his community firsthand. This profound amount of support ignited a newfound determination to expand his impact beyond the construction industry. Turning to business coaching, Gabriel discovered ActionCOACH—a global leader in the field of business coaching. With a focus on influencing business owners to become self-aware, professional and wealthy, ActionCOACH aligned seamlessly with Gabriel's passion for building people. 

Since joining ActionCOACH, Gabriel and his wife, Shevaughn, have become integral parts of community programs, including Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, BNI, and volunteering with Kiwanis, tirelessly adding value to the community wherever possible.

Gabriel's growth mindset, coupled with his compassion, enthusiasm and gratitude, positions him as the go-to coach for professional development. Backed by the #1 small business coaching system globally, Gabriel is poised to guide entrepreneurs toward unparalleled success. 

In a world fraught with constant pressure and adversity, Gabriel Moore stands out as a beacon of inspiration, offering a transformative coaching experience that transcends business, touching the very essence of personal growth and success. 

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